Why do you want to be a Scrum Master?

The Scrum Master role is one of the most popular professions today after IT and software development became leading business activities. The good thing about the Scrum Master role is that almost anyone can do it. As long as you have the right personal qualities.

You can learn Scrum activities easily. There are even great Scrum Master certification programs. Reference: “Best Scrum Master certifications and courses”, Obtaining a certificate can provide you with a job as a Scrum Master easily and quickly.

In this article, we share an interview with a student who recently started a Scrum Master course.

Why do you want to be a Scrum Master?

I have always been a man of the so-called “Soft skills”. Why do I use this definition? Because I have been sociable and in contact since I was a child. I grew up in an environment where man comes first. At the same time, I have lived for many years in Germany – a very technological country with people whose views are rather conservative, straightforward, and inflexible. Reference: “Scrum Master and their relationship with the team and stakeholders“,

That’s why I took the project manager course first – because I worked in a similar environment and a technology team for a long time. That’s why I realized that you can’t go against your inner intuition and feelings – namely, that for me the different, the atypical, the change, the flexible, the unexpected are much closer and in unison with my character. Reference: “When to use the Scrum framework in your projects“,

After a lot of time spent behind the screen and the handset, following the rules in a straight line, you realize that, as much as discipline and perseverance are beneficial, nothing great has been achieved in your comfort zone.

Namely, that the new and the unknown are the paths of progress and success in the long run. That’s where one of the main disadvantages of being constantly focused and meticulously watching and observing everything is – you think that’s how you succeed, but in fact, this success is short-term. Reference: “Scrum Master explains the roles to colleagues in the Scrum project“,

In the long run, you lose your flexibility, adaptability, and motivation – something that is really at the heart of evolution. Ever since I learned about the role of Scrum Master, I have seen how I have subconsciously used these “techniques and practices” of agile philosophy. That is why I believe that this position resonates with my inner self.

What are your expectations from the Scrum Master profession?

The main responsibility is to convey to the people around me, to the teams, the confidence that scrum is not an abstract concept, but in fact, something that we encounter every day, experiencing it subconsciously and taking it for granted. Reference: “Why do you want to be a Scrum Master?”,

Quite often people share technology/machines with humans. Yes, they are two separate things indeed, but still, one was created by the other and it has inspired its human influence. Reference: “Scrum Master instead of project manager”,

So, behind all robotic, digitalized, and mechanical things are man – he is the driving force. Who needs the latest model of ultra-modern software, if there is no one to use it? And this someone is the consumer – the person. So, by presenting and illustrating things in such an easy way, people (the team) can much more easily accept this model/framework.

What are the things that worry you the most at this stage?

The fact that every company, organization, and even project uses different software and features. Yes, Jira and confluence are probably almost everywhere, but the requirements for certain functionality, documentation, and application are individual for different companies.

So the concern comes not so much from adaptation and adjustment, but from the fact that the interview, asking a specific and characteristic question, may not be given the correct answer and so it seems that one does not understand the matter and has no specific knowledge in the field.

Or in the work itself expect that you already know how to use some function, but in fact, you have not used it and it looks ridiculous from the side.


What problems do you expect in your work as a Scrum Master?

The word problem and modesty for me is an oxymoron – mutually exclusive concepts. Scrum is designed to paraphrase a problem. In English, it is especially popular to use: problem, e.g. Issue, situation, what’s the matter, and so on.

That is, verbal expression of a problem gives negative energy that alienates and startles. Negative qualities are attributed without necessarily having them.

There is a very good book on the power of words that deals with this very topic. For some, it is a formality, but it is they who determine the winners of the others.

So, the focus is not on the “problem” but on finding the possibility of what the specific situation provides. And my experience has shown that the proverb “All evil – for good” is always valid. It’s just that not everyone sees it right away.

That’s why here is the role of the scrum master – to prepare his team with the right mindset on how to deal with challenges (not problems).